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An expensive security guard isn't always the best option. You can manage your properties remotely and get the security you need as if you (or a guard) were there without the coffee breaks. Completely scalable and customizable systems are available to meet any demand for your properties such as schools, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings, and construction sites.
Today, you are faced with the need to not only manage multiple stores, but to fight a shrinkage problem that averages $32 Billion a year (with over 44% due to employees). How? The answer is Pelco Digital Video Recorders. The management solution that not only provides security but helps your business become more profitable by reducing shrinkage and increasing worker productivity. Using Digital Closed Circuit Television, Pelco integrates with your existing point of service equipment and access control. Plus it allows you to view and manage multiple locations remotely. Offering 4 to 32 camera solutions and now IP camera interfaces, Pelco is the perfect combination of application, integration, and security. This robust line of DVR's will give you the ultimate set of tools for managing your business, whether it be for convenience stores, drug stores, discount stores, or bars and restaurants.
As a Pelco Certified Solution Provider, we are proud to be able to offer their line of DVR's. Call us for pricing and additional information.
CamerasNetwork and analog camera solutions ideal for any application.
Digital Video RecordersSimple-to-use, embedded DVR's ready to record right out of the box!
Infra-Red Illuminators & White LightLight technology designed to work in conjunction with B&W or Day and Night Cameras providing a light invisible to the human eye but visible to the CCTV camera and illuminators that deliver perfect white-light for use with color cameras.


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